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Hilarious Tattoo Sticks it to 'The Man'

Like many shoppers at the Tesco Supermarket in Trowbridge, UK, Aden "DJ Vibe" Brown was frustrated when his local supermarket started charging for bags. While most people swallowed their rage and forked over the modest 5p (the equivalent of $.08), Brown took a different approach—he just took the shopping cart home with him.

After posting the picture of an overflowing cart on to his social media Brown earned a small bit of internet notoriety. The sad thing about internet fame is that it is very fleeting, in mere hours everyone will forget why you blew up in the first place. Tattoos, on the other hand, last forever. After visiting his aunt, who just so happens to be a tattoo artist, Brown had a stick figure of himself with a chock full shopping cart inked onto his thigh. Alongside the drawing Brown lets his real feelings about the Tesco bag charge be known, "5p bags! Fu#k that. £ 1 trolley."


Luckily, Brown isn't pretending that fighting the bag charge is a cause on par with world hunger or cancer, to him it's all in good fun. "People are too serious, but it's all just a bit of banter," Brown told the Mirror. "I love my life. I'm always doing random things."

In much the same way that we appreciate every tattoo we see that is a stirring tribute to a lost loved one, we can't help but giggle at tattoos that have no purpose other than to commemorate a joke. Or, in this case, to give a large corporation the business. A tip of the hat to Brown for getting a tattoo that has made us all chuckle a little. But, a bit of life advice, just suck it up and pay the roughly 40 cents and get your stuff bagged next time. If people keep stealing the carts we will only be left with the ones with wonky wheels, and no one wants that.

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