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Hilary Duff's Ink Makes Her a 'Super Hardcore Gangster'

Best known for her Disney Channel role as the one and only Lizzie McGuire, the blue haired Hilary Duff has a bit of ink on her arms. By a bit of ink we mean a few choice words, a two-cent coin and a little birdie (her personal favorite). Side note—Duff’s hair color was inspired by the pretty colors of the ocean while vacationing in Cabo.

"Part of me loves tattoos and part of me doesn’t want the full commitment of getting to see them all the time,” Duff said during her 12th appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. This explains why her tattoos remain on the inside of her arms. Thanks to her careful placement, the 27-year-old can look like a “normie” while her arms are down and look “super hardcore like a gangster” when her arms are out.

Duff’s latest addition is in honor of TVLand’s new series Younger (premiered last night), in which she plays a twenty-something book editor in Brooklyn. She told Ellen, “It was so much fun being there. I love New York in the fall. I loved living in Brooklyn.” So much so that she had the borough tattooed on her right bicep! On that same arm Duff also has her three-year-old son’s name, Luca, tattooed on her wrist neighboring a wishbone. And opposite of that, inside her left elbow, she and sister Hailey Duff inked "Thick As Thieves."

The newly single gal has 12 tattoos total including Ellen’s face on her right thigh. Duff wanted to “show a little love” to the talk show host, thus taking up “prime real estate.” Okay maybe it’s only temporary, but Ellen totally appreciated it, and certainly someone, somewhere probably already has a tattoo of the comedian's face.

Learn more about Duff and her tattoos in the video below.

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