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Hillary Duff's New Rose Tattoo


Hilary Duff Got a New Rose Tattoo from Dr. Woo

At first glance, Hilary Duff may look like the sweet and innocent girl next door, but the Younger actress actually has more than a dozen tattoos scattered across her body, the most recent being a brand-new rose tattoo done by West Hollywood’s Dr. Woo. Hilary Duff’s new tattoo is inked on the back of her arm, and features a delicate black and gray image of two stemless rosebuds. Hilary Duff showed off her new rose tattoo on Instagram ( on October 5, thanking Dr. Woo for the minimalistic piece. She also posted an in-progress photo of Dr. Woo working on her arm, writing, “Had a good hang with @_dr_woo_ yesterday and I’m loving my rose.” Dr. Woo posted a photo of Hilary Duff’s tattoo on his own Instagram account, captioning the snap, “Lil rose for @hilaryduff #halfneedle.”

This new rose tattoo joins at least a dozen other tats Hilary Duff has inked on her arms, fingers and feet, including a ghost “ride or die” tattoo with her best friend Alanna Masterson, a wishbone tat on her arm for good luck, the name “Luca” with a heart on her wrist for her son, a matching “thick as thieves” tattoo with her sister Haylie, and a “Brooklyn” tattoo tribute to the city where her TVLand series Younger is filmed. Back in March 2015, Duff opened up to Ellen DeGeneres about her decision to get inked, explaining the reason behind her numerous tiny tattoos. “I think that part of me loves tattoos and part of me doesn’t want the full commitment of getting to see them all the time,” Hilary Duff said on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “So when my arms are down I look just like a normie and when my arms are out I look super hardcore like a gangster.”

Hilary Duff’s latest tattoo was inked just days after she celebrated her 29th birthday, a milestone the actress admits she has some qualms about. “[Younger co-star Molly Bernard] and I had this big talk about being in our 20s and we’re like, ‘This is still so fucking hard,’” Duff revealed to PeopleStyle in a recent interview. “We both have good jobs. I have like a child. You know I’ve got it figured out enough to where I can keep a human alive and on a good track, but over lots of glasses of wine, we were like, ‘It’s still so hard, and this stress that we put on ourselves, like are we doing enough? Are we good enough? Where are we gonna be?’ I’m just scared, 30 is like 10 years away from 40 and like, it goes so fast.”