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Honoring NYC in Ink


These NYC Tattoos Are Truly Incredible

Often the backdrop for major movies and television show, New York City has been personified numerous times on screen. Whether you're choosing to focus on the Upper East side elite or the Lower East Side hipsters—there are countless identities that this city takes on. However, New York is more than a movie set, it's a destination that takes on all five senses in an incredibly unique way. From the subway stench to the whir of traffic—there are so many emotions that come with the city called Gotham. It's also home to millions of Americans and world citizens, with each and every individual crafting their own identity for the city that never sleeps. These unique exchanges between New York and her people have given rise to numerous NYC inspired tattoos, which depict some of her most recognizable landmarks. Take a look at some of the most incredible NYC tattoos in the video below.


Check Out These NYC Inspired Tattoos