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How To Coverup a Tattoo With Makeup

You are certainly prideful of your ink but sometimes you need to coverup a tattoo with makeup in certain social settings. Say you are going home and don't want to spend your entire time with your parents arguing about your new tattoo. Maybe you are going to a classy office party and you don't want the talk of cocktail hour be your awesome tattoo on display for the first time. Maybe you even regret a piece of ink and you just haven't had the time or money to get it lasered off or covered up yet. Any of those ways, you can easily cover up that piece with a little makeup and some know-how. In the following video you will learn how to cover up a tattoo in a few easy steps. The process takes very little time and very little money (if you are a male, your girlfriend, sister or friend will have all the tools on her vanity). Oh and it is much less painless than getting it lasered or taking a belt sander to your skin!

But the best part about this tutorial on covering up your tattoo is that once you want to see your tattoo again, a few wipes and you can have your piece back!