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Body Mods: How Tribes Shrink Human Heads!


Looking for a Little Head?

Many people believe that shrunken heads are a myth or just part of Hollywood horror flicks. Wrong! Shrunken heads are very real and although not as prevalent as they were only 100 years ago, the process still happens.

Head hunting tribes can be found throughout the world, however the only group of people that actually shrink heads are the Jivaroan tribes of South America’s north Amazon rainforest.

Originally the practice of shrinking heads was a religious rite where by the priest/warriors believed that by shrinking the head of their enemy they could harness that enemies power of the enemy, prevent its spirit from coming back to avenge their death and as a warning symbol to other potential foe.

The shrunken head’s mystical power had a shelf life and after it was determined that the head was no longer magical many heads were used as “balls” by the tribe’s children.

Okay, so you want to know how to actually shrink a human head? Well, you have two choices. You can move on to the story below or you can ask your creepy neighbor who probably has been doing a little head shrinking for the last 25 years. The choice is yours....

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Photo via collectingthemacabre