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“Human Skin” Clothes! Fashion to Die For!

Is That’s an Ear on Your Shirt?!

Every year the fashion world gets blindsided by a clothing trend that doesn’t come from a high-end designer or one of the big couture houses, but rather from the streets. A punk, upstart contingent of designers who have new ideas and are in touch with what’s happening down in the “trenches”. Could that be the case with Kayla Arena and Toby Barron the creatives behind their company Butterfly FX?

These two have really pushed the boundaries when it comes to “acceptable” materials to fashion clothing from…human skin?

Well, as you would imagine, it is not actual human skin, but these two special effects artist have created and fashioned their material too look and feel like real human skin, including the ears, eyelids and hair. Gross or great? You decide.


Photo via Butterfly FX