Identical Twins With Identical Ink


These Twins are Identical Down to Their Tattoos!

While many people strive to have unique tattoos and pride themselves on having one-of-a-kind ink—others decide on a matching design with a friend or family member. And while we value the bonds shared between siblings, parents and children, and close friends—nothing compares to the bond had by twins, specifically identical twins. Identical twins begin interacting in the womb, with studies showing that twins often communicate through distinct gestures during gestation. Even when twins are separated at birth, they are shown to have strikingly similar personalities, strengths, and weaknesses—proving that The Parent Trap may have been more fact than fiction.

However, what about an interest in body modification and tattoos? There has been little research done surrounding identical twins and tattoos, but we were about to find several examples of twins with identical ink. Sure, this phenomenon may be a result of nurture over nature—but it does make for an extremely interesting discussion.

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