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If Celebs Were “Real” People! VIDEO!

Here they are – warts and all!

We all know Hollywood is bursting at the seams with beautiful people. These people look amazing while being projected on movie screens that are 50 feet wide and on giant TV monitors that deliver close-ups into our living rooms at 4K definition. Okay, some of it has to do with the lighting, make-up and camera angles. However, there must be something in the celebrity lifestyle that gives them that larger/more beautiful than “regular” people’s life look!
Well, a Facebook page that goes by the name Planet Hiltron has rendered the images of Hollywood’s biggest celebrities into the that of “regular people” and the results are jaw dropping. It’s kind of equalized the playing field and you may no longer feel so guilty about your beer belly or crow’s feet?

Photo via Hiltron 

The Wild Video!