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'Illustrative Portraiture' Shows A Tattooed Man in a New Light

Photographer William King turned his lens on the extensively tattooed Chris Lavish for a set of photos that are simply beautiful. King's photography captures not only the striking features of his model but also the numerous tattoos covering his body. In a statement on his Behance profile page King explains the special challenges that Lavish presented for the project.

"My subject Chris Lavish possesses highly stylized hair and a tattooed body requiring additional attention by hair and make up stylist Dilenia Peralta," King explains. "My goal was to expand the digital creative process in multiple directions while complimenting and presenting the subject. I was able to re-orchestrate the color hue and saturation of textured background imagery, employed as a photographic background. Studio lighting is so important to portraiture; in this project my approach was to simplify the use of studio lighting."

The result is the photo set below. Check out more of King's work here.