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Incredibly Creative Tattoo Shop Marriage Proposal

She Definitely Didn't See This Coming, And Neither Will You

Some men view a marriage proposal as a chance to really get creative. You hear about people popping the question on Jumbotrons, at Disneyland and sometimes even hiring a secret photographer to document their girlfriend’s reaction. And these are just some of the many things men in love will do. These guys really go the extra mile for their future fiancés, putting a lot of time and effort into making sure that they’re not only happy, but surprised. Although most proposals are certainly thoughtful, few are as permanent as this one is. It’s not every day that someone uses a needle and ink to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Checkout this tattoo proposal by Vinny from Tribe Tattoo in Denver that may be the sweetest use of tattooing we’ve ever seen. It's totally not straightforward, either, we think you'll be as surprised as she was.... 

Tattoo Shop Proposal Marriage

See The Sweet Video!

Video found on Brooke Wodark's Facebook Page

Make sure you have a tissue, or at least a few "wipe towels" available.