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Ink the Line


Today's tattoo of the day goes to this amazing portrait of Johnny Cash by Vinny Romanelli! Romanelli began his tattooing career in 2001 and now finds himself working at New York's Red Rocket Tattoo right in the heart of Manhattan.

Romanelli is known for many styles, but he is best known for his black and grey realism and color neo-traditional work. Though those two styles are almost complete opposites, Romanelli never fails to deliver quality work in both. Just take a look at this cool portrait of Johnny Cash. With something like this, Romanelli is able to easily blend both of his signature styles together into one cohesive piece. We love the contrasts created between the monochromatic feel of the portrait and the bright blues popping off of the skin in the flowers.

As with all traditional tattoos, Romanelli brings bold outlines and solid coloring into the flowers as they help to frame the portrait of Cash. As a stand alone, this portrait would make an excellent piece, however, the fine detailing in the hair and shading in the face just stand out so much more when complimented by the opposing neo-traditional flair Romanelli added.

For more incredible work and fun style combinations by Vincent Romanelli, makes sure to check out his artist's page right here.

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