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'Ink Master' Scott Marshall Dead at 41


The Inked community is saddened to hear that Ink Master Season 4 winner Scott Marshall has passed.

As an on-screen persona he was mesmerizing, as an artist he was phenomenal and we will let one of his best friends, and fellow competitor on Season 4, Matti Hixson tell you about the man Scott Marshall was. “He was the best of the best as a tattoo artist and a person,” Hixson told us over the phone while choking back tears. “I have been besides myself (since I heard), he was my best friend, I feel like I lost a brother.”

“Spike and the entire Ink Master family are stunned and saddened by the news of Scott’s passing,” a rep from the network said. "He was a great competitor and talented artist. Our deepest condolences go out to the Marshall family and friends.”

Marshall’s journey continued past Season 4 and away from the cameras where he made friends with his enemies. “Last year in Tampa we had to work a booth together and it started out extremely tense,” recounts Ink Master nemesis Gentle Jay Blondel. “But throughout the weekend we buried the hatchet and got along. He was a very good artist and a very good dude.”

We will remember him as a competitor, a very good dude and, above all, an absolute talent. The community is helping his family through this GoFundMe and Hixson wants us all to remember him as we should every great tattooer. “Respect his legacy and be respectful to his family,” Hixson says. “Those who are lucky enough to have a piece done by Scott or own a piece of his flash please post it to social media so that we can all get a closer look at the man through his artwork.” The nature of tattooing is that some artwork outlives the artist, if you have a piece by Marshall please share and hashtag #marshall

Below is a sample of Scott Marshall’s tattoos.