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Ink Master's Megan Jean Morris Adds to Her Collection With Below the Booty Tattoos (VIDEO)

Norm LoveLetters inks Megan Jean Morris at the Inked Magazine Headquarters

This will come as no surprise, but some of the best tattoo collections around belong to working artists. Tattooer, especially fine art tattoos, have an acquired taste for good ink and they build relationships in their career that aid in building amazing collections. One artist who not only creates beautiful ink but wears it herself is Inked Select artist and Ink Master alum, Megan Jean Morris. From a stunning back piece by the one and only Nikko Hurtado to a BRAND NEW below the booty master piece by the renowned Norm LoveLetters—Megan has a collection worth talking about. Check out the gallery below to see some of her amazing ink and stay tuned until the end to watch a timelapse of Norm's work on the back of Megan's thighs. Trust us when we tell you it's worth the watch.

Photo via Instagram

Watch the Video!