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InkBox Creates Temporary Tattoos That Last Two Weeks

Temporary tattoos, once one of the most coveted items in a child's birthday party goody bag, have now become the latest fashion trend for adults. After a few days of wearing these tattoos, they start peeling, making your skin look awkward with the spots of color and shapes left over. Two brothers, Tyler and Braden Handley, have come up with a solution to this temporary tattoo dilemma. They have created the two week temporary tattoo that looks like the real deal and named it InkBox. The fruit based ink is completely organic and seems pretty easy to apply. After checking out their website and their kickstarter page we found hundreds of designs that are pretty awesome.

At first the InkBox product consisted of a tiny bottle of the ink along with an adhesive stencil and required you to fill the stencil in yourself with the ink before waiting about two hours for it to dry. The newest InkBox works like any other temporary tattoo—by placing the design in the desired area and holding a wet towelette over it for ten minutes. The first twist is that once you remove the adhesive your tattoo will not be visible. According to the brothers the tattoo will not appear for about 12-24 hours after putting it on.

With various sizes and various designs, the Handley brothers are striving to make temporary tattoos something more than just kid's stuff. They want to make this the best real temporary tattoo company around. They promise to add colored inks, add shading to the tattoos and they want to hire artists to create custom tattoos.

"We want to give you a completely new way to express yourself. We’re committed to bringing you hundreds of new designs every month and a tool that allows you to easily create and wear your own tattoos," reads their "Our Vision" section of their kickstarter page.

Check out just some of the cool designs and kits they have, below!