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Inked Astrology: Your Next Tattoo According to Your Zodiac Sign

Your Next Tattoo is in the Stars

Astrological tattoos have been a huge part of the industry for years, such as the small-scale symbols found on street shop flash. Here at Inked, we think that you deserve a better than your generic astrological tattoo. The signs of the zodiac are most complex than what has been regurgitated for centuries and it's about time that you got a reading that accurately depicts your sign's temperaments. Keep in mind, we're talking sun signs here and which means that we are only unraveling a tiny fragment of your astrological makeup. However, you can tell a lot about someone based on their sun sign and these tattoos definitely embody each of the signs to a T. Stay tuned to see how your sign stacks up and feel free to include your input on this list in the comments. Now, let's get astrological.

Photo via YouTube