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Inked For a Cause: Kevin Besignano of True Rivals

Kevin Besignano

What is your job?
Guitarist and Vocals for True Rivals.

What social causes are most important to you?
Keeping music education in our schools and helping to eradicate homelessness in large cities, such as the Los Angeles area. Growing up in NYC and then moving to Los Angeles about a decade ago, I’ve seen my fair share of various homeless youths and adults.

What charity do you support?

Why do you have a passion for this one in particular, is there a personal tie?
My girlfriend is on the board of the organization. She and the founder (a good friend of ours) are building this organization from the bottom up. They’ve already achieved their non-profit status with the government and began producing a music series (MusicFeedsLA) in Los Angeles the last quarter of 2014 to help raise awareness and funds for the charity.

Is there a particular way you would want to encourage readers to be involved?
If you’re not based in the LA area, please take a moment to check out the charity's website and social media links. You can donate on the site, become involved and bring awareness to others by spreading the word on social media. If you’re in LA – come out to a show! Check MusicFeedsLA out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

How would you define social responsibility?
I’d like to use a quote from the late author, Dr. Seuss, for this one:
“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.” – Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

Social responsibility comes in all shapes and forms. Helping to better the world in any small or large way possible done by each individual man and woman could put a lot of great plans into motion. Unless people take the time to make a change or stand up for their beliefs, there isn’t going to be much world left to live for.

Your tattoo artist?
Jeff Page at California Gold Tattoo

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