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Inked Confession: I Went to a Tattoo Speakeasy

Take a break from reality to discover the enticing allure of a modern speakeasy.

During the roaring twenties, speakeasies were put in place by civilians in cities across the United States during the prohibition era. Between 1920 and 1933, the sale of alcohol was illegal and public bars were prohibited—however, that didn't stop our great grandparents from getting drunk outside the confines of their homes. Speakeasies acted as secretive saloons for dolled up shebas (babes) and dapper daddies (dudes) to get zozzled (shitfaced) off giggle water (booze) without the bulls (police) busting the joint (club). But if you think that speakeasies died out with prohibition and the snappy slang of the 1920s, we hate to inform you that you're out of the loop.

Speakeasies have lived on for decades following the lifting of the 18th amendment, taking on different forms depending on the atmosphere of the nightlife. From big cities to small towns, 21st-century speakeasies allow for patrons to have experiences hidden from the public eye and let go of the pressures from society in the company of their peers. And on June 9th, the first full moon of the summer, I attended an underground tattoo speakeasy in a popular Brooklyn bar and got a taste of the enticing allure that speakeasies offer those who can find their way into them.

Photo via Instagram