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Inked Up Defender Von Miller Grabs the Super Bowl MVP


You can't blame Cam Newton if he has recurring nightmares about Von Miller breathing down his neck after last night's Super Bowl 50. Miller, the freakishly fast Denver linebacker, spent the entire night living in the Carolina backfield and making Newton's life a living hell. The tattooed linebacker out of Texas A&M led the underdog Broncos to an unlikely 24-10 victory that earned him the game's MVP.

In the first quarter Miller set up the first touchdown of the game with a strip sack of Newton that was recovered by Denver in the end zone. And fittingly, Miller bookended his tremendous performance with another strip sack that sealed the game by ending Carolina's last chance at tying the game. In between those two plays he also added six more tackles and another half sack, no big deal.

Going into the game all of the hype surrounded legendary quarterback Peyton Manning playing in what may very well be his last NFL game. And while Manning walked away with a ring Carolina completely shut down the Denver passing game, thus making it more important that the defense play out of their minds. Miller and his teammates proved that they were more than up for the task.

Here at Inked we've been pretty big fans of Miller for the five seasons that he has been in the league. Not only is he one of the most exciting playmakers in the league, but he is also a stylish and funny guy off of the field. Part of his style is seen in his extensive tattoo collection. As you can see in the picture below, Miller has a whole myriad of different types of tattoos. His torso is dedicated to religious imagery and a tribute to his home, while his arms seem to be more lighthearted.

Back when Miller was a rookie he got a tattoo that raised eyebrows all across the sports world. The ink, seen in the gallery below, is of Pac Man chowing down on a dollar sign, chicken leg and a slice of watermelon in addition to his regular old power pellets and ghosts. When Miller's days of harassing quarterbacks come to an end he is hoping to open up a chicken farm in his native Texas, currently he tends to 12 chickens in the offseason, according to ESPN.

Three cheers to Miller and the Denver Broncos for their tremendous performances last night. It'll be a long seven months until we get to see football again, so we're happy that the season ended on such a high note.