Inked Digital Dream Girl: Christie Jay


When did you first get tattooed and what's the story behind it?
My first tattoo was when I was 16. My best friend and I decided we wanted each others lips on each other forever. We also wanted to hide it from our parents so we decided to get them tattooed on our butts. It's actually my least favorite tattoo but it's a symbol of the life long friendship that I have with my best friend, so at least it's meaningful.

Do the rest of your tattoos have stories behind them?
Most of them do actually. Many people don't know that if you were to start at my right shoulder and go across my upper back from right to left, each tattoo represents a certain milestone in my life. I kind of didn't mean for this, it just kind of happened. Like many stories, it starts off sad but has a happy ending. When I look at my back I can reflect on the things I have overcome as well as the blessings I am lucky to have.

Which is your favorite tattoo?
My favorite tattoo has to be the mandalas on my thigh. You can't see the amount of detail that was put into the tattoo in pictures, which is a shame because my artist, Brad Reis, killed it. There is so much intricate dot and line work. I came in the shop and was like, "draw whatever you're feeling and let's do this". I was a huge fan of his sacred geometry work so I had no doubt that he would be able to come up with an amazing piece for me, which he most certainly did.

We recognized your owl tattoo as the one from Diamond Eyes by the Deftones. It's an amazing tattoo, tell us a bit more about it.
That tattoo was the push into really becoming tattooed vs. just having some. Until then, my longest tattoo ran about 4 hours. This one took 13. It was the most painful, but the most fulfilling tattoo. While yes, it is the Diamond Eyes owl, the true reason for getting an owl is my Greek background. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, has an owl as her companion and guardian, and I believe my owl serves the same purpose. I am extremely into art and I wanted to make sure when people saw my stomach they didn't just see a tattoo but they saw a work of art. I consider my tattoo a work of art and nothing less and feel proud to be carrying it on my stomach for the rest of my life.

You definitely appear to be a big Batman fan. What do you like about Batman?
I am more into Batman because of the villains within Batman. I am absolutely obsessed with the Joker, but even more Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman. They are my absolute favorite comic book characters and wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Batman. I don't think anyone could disagree with me when I say those three chicks are the hottest villains in comics.

Do you have any comic book related ink?
Not yet, but I am planning on getting a Harley Quinn tattoo once I start tattooing my arms. I am very excited for this one, because she is the hottest babe on the planet to me! I own every comic she has put out so far. I think I secretly want to be her.

Do you have any ink planned for the future?
Yes in the near future, I am going to start sleeving my left arm. For now I am just going to finish my left shoulder, but I am in the process of planning an entire floral sleeve for my left arm. The artists I have picked are extremely busy though so this may take a couple years before it is completed.

Do you think your tattoos enhance your sex appeal?
I definitely do. I think my tattoos do a great job of accentuating my curves. I think my stomach tattoo is in a extremely sexy spot and my thigh piece does a great job of flowing with the curves of the my thigh. It may not enhance my sex appeal to those who don't like tattoos on women, but I didn't get my tattoos to please anyone but myself so they can go kick a rock.

How do you incorporate your tattoos into your overall style?
My tattoos have become a part of me. With the placement of them, sometimes I can wear things and none of them be showing. This always surprises people when they see me for a second time and I have a huge stomach piece and they are completely taken back. Once I start my sleeves it will be harder for them to be covered at times, which I don't mind. I'm just enjoying this time where I can look blasted or look conservative based on what I choose to wear.

What do you do when you aren’t in front of a camera?
I am involved in quite a lot. I am a music journalist, so I write a lot for the website I work for. I am also finishing up my bachelor's degree, and just started blackjack dealing as a job. I also work a lot of conventions and do promotional work so I am always busy. When I am relaxing, I like to snuggle with my Xbox controller and some cookies, or watch one of the movies from the Star Wars saga.

Other than your ink, what would you say is your best feature?
My brain? Weird answer I know, but I pride myself on not just being another pretty face. I model as a hobby; journalism is where my true passion lies. While I absolutely love to model, I don't want to only be known for that. I want to have an intelligent mind attached to my face. When I say I am a nerd, I don't just mean comics and Star Wars, I am also a huge book nerd. I always loved learning and school which may be strange to some but I believe it sets me apart from the other models who wish to gain nothing but quick fame.