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INKED Exclusive: 10 Questions With Joanna Angel

Joanna Angel Answers Your Burning Questions

As a director, performer, and author, Joanna Angel is the textbook definition of a triple threat. Her legacy as a multidimensional creative icon has truly transformed the porn industry at large and she sets the bar for badass women in the adult entertainment world. And while we could ask this porn royalty 10,000 questions about what it's like to be Joanna Angel, we've narrowed down your top 10 most titillating queries. From sliding into the DMs with a dick pic to faking the big O—"there's no such thing as stupid questions, only stupid people," says Angel. Take a look at the gallery below for a taste of Angel's exclusive photoshoot with INKED and to see for yourself how the Burning Angel CEO answered YOUR burning questions. Although, if it burns you should probably consult a real doctor—not just someone who played one in a 'Not a Real Nurse Part 2.'

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