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Three past winners come back to coach their crews in the hopes of becoming the winners of Ink Master Season 10, "Return of the Masters"

Every season of the hit tattoo reality competition Ink Master introduces a new and innovative challenge for it’s contenders. For instance season 6 centered on former masters and apprentices, season 7 brought back favorite veteran artists, and in season 9 the series hosted its first shop wars competition. Season ten of Ink Master is of course no different and in late 2016, fans learned that a few of the past winners would be returning for the first time to the series. Ink Master is proud to reintroduce season 2 winner Steve Tefft, a master of black-and-grey horror; season 7 winner Anthony Michaels, a champion of black-and-grey realism; and season 9 winner DJ Tambe, a legendary ‘exagger-realism’ tattooer. But this time, instead of competing for the title of master, the three victors are acting as coaches to 18 brand new tattooers from around the country. They will be mentoring their crew in the hopes of bringing as many artists to the finale as possible, in the end going head-to-head for the master title and a cool 100 Gs. Hear the inside scoop from the master trio about what’s to come during season 10 of Ink Master, premiering on January 10th at 10/9C on Spike.

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