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INKED Exclusive— Michael Joseph: Precious Cargo

For seven years a dedicated photographer has told the stories of "Travelers" through his compelling portraits.

Have you ever been able to see a person’s soul through a picture?Photographer Michael Joseph wants you to feel this level of intensity when you look at his portraits. Over the past seven years, Joseph has wandered across the United States chronicling the lives of Travelers, people who often live their lives moving train to train, city to city.

Joseph’s voyage began with a single friendship, but that led him to create relationships with wayward strangers all over the country. The stunning portraits in his Lost and Found series are a window, through which the uninitiated can catch a glimpse of Traveler culture. Joseph’s use of natural light on stark, yet real, backgrounds, and his deep understanding of his subjects’ emotional and cultural landscape, make this collection extremely stirring. We talked with Michael Joseph about his quest to deliver an honest portrayal of an often misunderstood way of life and the way this journey has affected him personally.

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Photo via Michael Joseph