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The Doctor Is In! Time for a dose of realistic surrealism.

When you hear the words doctor and tattoo, you don’t typically imagine an individual filling both categories, am I right? However, in the case Teej Poole it’s OK to refer to him as Dr. Tattoo. Poole, a European style, black-and-gray realism artist has impressed tattoo enthusiasts from across the country and around the globe with his impressive technique and expansive understanding of artistic principles. Elegantly straddling the line between the prestigious world of academic fine art and the grit-n-grime of tattooing, this doctor of art defies every stereotype in the book. Throughout his mere seven years in the biz, he’s garnered a healthy client base, as well as plenty of fans, who covet his individualized interpretation of realistic surrealism. Within his work, he seamlessly weaves together realms of the conscious and subconscious, permanently embedding the dreams, fears, and fantasies into the skin. Poole is an artist and an influencer in this industry that every novice of the craft needs keep their eyes on. Because when it comes down to enlightening the malleable minds of the next generation on what it means to be a great tattooer, there’s no better way then analyzing the impressive artistry that Poole produces day in and day out.