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Inked Girls Pucker Up For National Lipstick Day

Happy National Lipstick Day!

This holiday may seem one-sided, ideal for lipstick lovers only, meant solely to celebrate those who wake up, dress up, and pucker up. We're here to say that is a flawed argument; that while lipstick may be made for ladies who prefer a little pop, it is men who equally love the glam factor provided by the flamboyant shiny wand. Sure it may get a bit sticky when you kiss, but you don't eat your pancakes without a little syrup, do you?

As a woman, I testify lipstick to be the final device we illusionists pull out of our makeup bag o' tricks; and it is one of the few beauty products we keep on hand at all times, reapplying throughout the day. After all, lips are one of the many sexy assets that make up a lady. There is nothing like big smooches from your sweetheart, or waking up to find lipstick on your collar (so long as it's not the kind that will get you into trouble elsewhere *cue Connie Francis*). We've rounded up 19 of Inked's puckered up girls to celebrate… how will you be celebrating?

Click the links provided in the gallery to see more photos of the InkedGirls.