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It was almost two years ago that we gave you the glorious list of our Inked Girls lounging around their bathtubs. To make up for lost time, we figured what better way to satisfy our readers than to make another wet and wild list of gorgeous Inked Girls... in the shower. Enjoy the full gallery of soaped up babes below!


I'm not sure if the lingerie was Tawny Taylor's idea or photographer Lachlan Please's, but it's amazing!


Star had a long day on the job. A shower is exactly what she needed.

Photography by Belinda Bärtzner


Our girl Samii Ryan, looking sexy as ever thanks to Mike Le and his awesome camera.


Rock Krissy doesn't mind using public showers especially with photographer Oliver Thom by her side.


It's always better to have more than one right?


Melissa Angela loves her shower time!


Check out this sexy booty pic from Melissa's shoot with Bill Strome.


Heather is one divine shower buddy!


We cast Leah Jung as Marion Crane in our update of the original Psycho. “I love the subtle creepiness of Alfred Hitchcock, he was a genius,” Leah says.


Leah looks ravishing in this shot!