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Inked Girls Take the Best Selfies

We like our women covered from head to toe in ink, as if they rolled around in a pool of it. They're about to give you a peep show.

Undress these chicks with your eyes

I still remember the first time I saw a camera phone, it seemed completely ludicrous. Who needed the ability to instantly send pictures to their friends? Of course, you have to excuse my naivety at the time; I had never even heard of a selfie. I certainly had not encountered a sexy selfie like the ones you will find in the gallery below.

Technology truly is a wonderful thing. If it wasn't for the little invention known as the camera phone, none of these sultry photos would have existed. So, give thanks to the technologist that made this possible, and enjoy this gallery of beautiful tattooed women making the most out of their camera phones.

n0rte girl in glasses with thigh tattoo

Source: Instagram @n0rte

Source: Instagram @n0rte