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These Inked Girls Want Your Brains at the NYC Zombie Crawl


These beautiful Inked Girls love you for your brains. Quite literally, in fact, as they would love nothing more than to eat your brains right out of your skull. Normally we would tell you to run far, far way from zombies but have you seen these girls? Fallon Vendetta and Kali Feline (seen in the gallery below) will be hosting the NYC Zombie Crawl on Sunday, June 26, 2016. So cover yourself in blood and some creatively (and suggestively) torn clothes and get ready to wander the streets of Williamsburg while making plenty of new undead friends.

The NYC Zombie Crawl is back for its 10th annual lurch around Williamsburg on Sunday, June 26th! The zombie shenanigans will include a food drive for the homeless, zombie games at McCarrenPark and a Zombie Pizza Party! The night will culminate at the after party at 8:30pm featuring the notorious Hot Zombie Contest at BLACK BEAR BAR (70 N. 6th St, Brooklyn, NY) with live music, comedians, zombie burlesque, sideshow performances and more! And the Steadfast Sweethearts Fallon Vendetta and Kali Feline will be on hand to present awards for the best tattooed zombies with Inked Magazine! Steadfast Brand has also created a limited edition Zombie t-shirt which will be on sale at the afterparty designed by Daniel Leister (Hack/Slash comic artist)!

To get you pumped up for the crawl—or to placate those of you that live too far away or are too scared to walk into a pack of walkers—here's a look at a Fallon and Kali at their zombie best. We look forward to seeing you at the crawl and we promise that we won't bite... too much.

NYC Zombie Crawl photos by Ed Campbell of Rebel Image Photography
Models Fallon Vendetta and Kali Feline
SPFX by Doug Sakmann