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Inked Is Looking For New Voices

Want to become a leading influencer in the tattoo society?

As the tattoo community grows is looking for new voices to contribute to the site. At Inked we hope to not just reflect the culture but contribute to it and shine the light on talented individuals from the scene. We are looking for bloggers who have their finger on the pulse of this society that is buzzing like a well-tuned tattoo machine.

Do you have a good eye for tattoos? Do you know what the next trend in art is before any of your friends? Do you feel that culture is missing your voice? Now’s your chance to shape your and society’s future.

Get read by millions of people! If you have the right stuff we will share your stories and insight across our webpage and the largest social media following of any in the tattoo community.

Ready to become a bold-faced name? Drop us a line here and let us know why you should be heard.