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Inked Masquerade

Rember Orellana has become an artist you need to know about over the last few years. His fun cross between surrealism and realism is both elegant and bold and his eye for detail is always on point. Skilled in both color and black and grey, Orellana can typically be found tattooing at Dark Age Tattoo Studio in Denton, Texas.

Check out this incredible piece by Orellan above. We love the masquerade scene created between the two figures depicted, especially since the skeletal figure is ambiguously depicted as either a monster or a man in a mask. One thing Orellana is phenomenal at is rendering expressions within his tattoos. We love the longing and connection created between both the girl and her skeletal opposite. The highlighting used in the girl's mask and eyes really help form the bright expression beaming in her eyes. If Tyra Banks is the queen of smizing (smiling with your eyes) through modeling, then Orellana is the master of smizing through tattoos.

Another huge feat brought to this tattoo is the use of texture. The smooth texture of the girl's skin is beautifully contrasted by the texture in her hair and the skull she is gazing at. These various textured moments appear again in the gorgeous gem stone at the bottom of the piece. This one moment of color really helps pull the piece together, drawing the eye to the center of the tattoo. It's a great subtle addition that makes the piece stand out that much more.

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