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Meet Matt Zingler, hip-hop’s most misunderstood power player. At 29, Zingler owns the largest hip-hop festival in the world, hosting over 500,000 attendees annually and taking a local Miami concert to more than 10 international markets in less than four years.

Looking at his Instagram, @mattzingler you would assume that Matt lives the typical playboy live-fast-die-young lifestyle. We decided to dig a little deeper and ask him 21 questions to see if my assumptions were true.


Favorite spot to have a meeting?

Strip club

Favorite restaurant in the world?

Popeyes. Their biscuits with some honey on them are on fire.

Favorite tattoo?

The money sign on my balls


How old were you when you got your first tattoo?


One exotic animal you want to own in your lifetime?

Snow leopard


Something you want to be known for?

Creating an unforgettable experience while owning the biggest festival in the world.

Biggie or 2Pac and why?

Biggie. I’ll kick in your door and wave the 44.


Favorite musician of all time?

It’s not only about music but their style, personality and the impact they have on people. I’m a huge GG Allin fan.

Favorite business book?

I hate books


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Taking a shit at the top of Mount Everest

What’s your ideal night out?

Home. Order Uber eats and watch Apple TV with my girl

If you could bring someone back from the dead who would it be and why?

MJ, so he could teach me how to moonwalk.


Have you ever thought of being a musician?

Yes, I think about it every day but I’ve realized my place in the music world is to platform talent and assist in their career growth. I’m a terrible singer and can’t play an instrument for the life of me.

What’s your daily routine?

I wake up, piss excellent, hit the gym, and then try to take over the world


Favorite food?

Ice cream sandwiches

Top three vices, in order?

Sex, money and tattoos


What would you describe your style as?

Modern day rockstar. Just because I’m not a musician doesn’t mean I’m not a rockstar.

Do you only listen to hip-hop?

My favorite genre of music is R&B

First concert you went to?

Slightly Stoopid


How do you see the world ending?

Every mythological creature coming to life and destroying what we call earth