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Inked Select Artist: Coen Mitchell

It's Time You Learned About Mosaic Flow

When it comes to selecting our Inked Select Artists, only the best of the best will rise to the top. Coen Mitchell, a tattooer based out of Auckland, New Zealand, is by far one of the best of the moment. A master of what he coined, mosaic flow, this tattooer is heavily influenced by traditional Polynesian. From the intricate pattern work to the symmetry and placement of the designs—Mitchell follows the rules established hundreds of years ago in his work. But what separates Mitchell from other Polynesian tattooers is his ability to seamlessly blend styles together in one design. Mitchell has gained worldwide recognition for the way he's brought black and gray realism, dot work, and pops of vibrant color into his tribal designs—creating newness from a style that relies on repetition.

Photo via Instagram