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Inked Select Artist: Jak Connolly

This UK-based Tattooer Will Blow Your Mind with Their Realism Masterpieces.

The United States may have some of the biggest cities, fiercest athletes, and greatest restaurants in the world—however, when it comes to tattoo artists, the UK has some of the best in the business. From the exotically beautiful hand poke artist, Grace Neutral, to self-proclaimed "dark trash realism" tattooer, Anrijs Straume, the United Kingdom boasts numerous iconic and innovative tattoo artists. Nevertheless, when deciphering the biggest and baddest artists who hail from across the pond, including Jak Connolly, one of the most talked about tattooers of the last decade, goes without saying.

Hand Tattoo by Jak Connolly at the London Tattoo Convention

Photo Credit: Jak Connolly

Photo Credit: Jak Connolly