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Inked Shop Girls

What we heard most about the Inked Shop is “The clothes are cool but how do they look on real women?” “Great,” we answered, but then realized instead of telling you we should show you. So we asked the cutest girls we found at the Baltimore Tattoo Convention to flaunt our wears.


Taylor Fox shows that a bad bitch’s wardrobe isn’t complete without Pinky Star’s awesome Quilted Pinstriped Skull Tank.


You’ve heard of skull and bones, but skull and bows? The Inked Girl White Tank is the perfect top for the gal who’s tough on the outside and sweet on the inside.


Pick it up and the only other thing you’ll wear to bed is your ink.


Thanks to Melissa Cooper, the tank is double-Inked-Shop-Girl approved.


It’s the best thing to have gone into the shower since the loofah.


If you’re anything like the Cartel Ink girls there’s only three food groups: Shoes, booze, and guys with tattoos. Live loud ladies.


Cutie Charlotte Ekstrom accessories her shirt with tattoos by CW Ensor at Daddy Dice Tattoo.


Seriously, this girl is cute.


You didn’t get that leg piece to hide it under skinny jeans. Show off your goods with Too Fast’s Stripe Skull Belle Shorts.


These high-waisted shorts feature striped bows on pockets with custom sugar skull buttons—a deadly combo of looks and function.


It’s shorts weather out there!


Fallon Vendetta and her Drink Me Racerback Tank by Lowbrow Art Company will assure you that we are all mad here.


We don’t remember Alice having a cocktail in the book or movie.


You’re no damn Susie Homemaker, you’re a mom with tattoos! Whether you have dual sleeves or a scattered tats, the Tattooed Mom Tank is the best way to show that you are proud of your lifestyle. Mother’s Day is coming up, nudge, nudge.


Dpcted knows that it is dicey to get your significant other’s name tattooed on you so they have created the I <heart> My Tattooed Boyfriend tee to help you express your feelings.


Got nothing to wear? Browse the rest of our styles at