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Insanely Awful Hair Tattoo Fails

Better Leave Hair Tattoos to the Professionals

Cosmetic tattooing is all the rage these days and in 2018, the services of these artists aren’t limited to female clientele. Men of all ages, races and sexual orientations can participate in cosmetic tattooing—specifically to improve the look of a receding hairline. Cosmetic tattoo artists are perfecting the craft of tattooing realistic looking hair follicles for a variety of customers—giving hope to both men and women who lose their hair prematurely. However, today we won’t be focusing on successful hair tattoos. Instead, we will be shedding light on some of the biggest hair tattoo fails of all time. Take a look at some of our favorite fails in the gallery below, then share your thoughts on these hair horror stories in the comments section on Facebook!

Screen Shot 2018-09-17 at 11.57.39 AM