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An Introduction to 'The Gentlemen's Voice' by Luke Wessman

Luke Wessman is going to be joining our blogging team here at You likely already know him from his amazing work as a tattoo artist. Or you might know him from his attempts to get out the vote last year. Well, get ready to meet Luke Wessman the writer. We would love to describe the blog he plans to write for you but figured it would be better to let the man do it himself. Welcome to The Gentlemen's Voice.

My name is Luke Wessman. I have been in a tattoo shop for the last 20 years. I owned my first shop for 10 years and have tattooed in over 10 countries. I worked at "Miami Ink" and "New York Ink" from their inceptions, and have guest judged Ink Master. Today I work out of my private studio in Southern California—tattooing private clientele, developing a book based on my popular Instagram, and traveling the world.

Why a gentlemans blog? "A gentleman never calls himself one." I have always had a strong moral compass, and my old-school values and practices have been important to me since I was young. I began my "Lost Art of the Gentleman" Instagram a few years ago to promote my thoughts on family, love, relationships, manhood, life and ladies. When I was approached by Inked to create a gentleman's blog, I was happy to see the growing interest in the gentlemen's lifestyle.

What topics will be addressed in The Gentlemen's Voice? I plan on contributing entries on: style, general standards, tips, and opinions.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Tattooed Gentlemen" Tee by Cartel Ink

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Men's "Tattooed Gentlemen" Tee by Cartel Ink