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Ireland Baldwin & Artist Jon Boy May Be In Trouble With The Law

In a visit with tattoo artist Jon Boy on October 18, 2015, Ireland Baldwin got hold of the tattoo machine at his West Village shop (West 4 Tattoo) and inked the signature of Los Angeles, "LA" on his arm. The friends switched roles just after Baldwin got a small tattoo reading "écureuil,"French for "squirrel," in honor of her father Alec Baldwin.

While Jon Boy and Baldwin's actions were all in good fun, it is still against New York City law to operate a tattoo machine without license. Obtaining a Tattoo License in NYC is rather simple, and does not test your artistic capabilities in the slightest. One must only pass a three hour Infection Control Course and an Infection Control Examination with the Department of Health.

No doubt Jon Boy was careful to be clean during their switch-a-roo; perhaps they should have been more careful when posting the fun to social media. Baldwin shared a photo of the "LA" ink on Instagram with the hashtags, "#tattedbyireland #hmu #byappointmentonly."

The NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene cannot reprimand or fine Jon Boy or 20-year-old Baldwin based on the photos. A spokesperson for NYCDOH told the NY Daily News, "The Health Department investigates complaints by sending an inspector to the establishment in question and take the appropriate steps based on what our inspectors observe at the time of the inspection.” Will a rep for the city pay a visit to West 4 Tattoo? Who knows. Should someone show up, we hope they at least try to squeeze in an appointment with the talented artist.

As for Baldwin, we're betting the model won't be taking new appointments any time soon.

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