Ireland Baldwin’s Topless Insta-Posts! Fires Back at Body-Shamers!


What is There to Hate?

Ireland has never been too shy when its come to showing off her body…dressed and undressed, however her latest risqué posts are in direct response to haters who made reference to her being “damaged goods” because of her tattoos or that she is “too curvy”.

So, in response the 21-year-old daughter of Hollywood stars Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin decided to post pics of herself naked from the waist up. In addition she posted up images of herself in bra and panties and, a bathing suit and jeans with a tiny-tiny top!

Here are those pics, plus we went back and gathered some of her hottest instagram images and put together a gallery of this super-bad, blonde, Hollywood hottie.

irelandbasingerbaldwinhaving a nice laugh in my skivvies @jajajaredthomas

 Photo via jajajaredthomas

Booty Shaker Video!

Ireland going high fashion!