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Isn't it Time You Had an Awesome Bathroom?

The majority of bathroom decor that you see is either in some god-awful pastel color or covered with gaudy lighthouses and seashells. But, never fear, not every shower curtain has to look like it came out of the Barbie Dream House. Today's InkedShop Product of the Day, the "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain, manages to take the tattoo-influenced style that we all love and introduce it to bathroom decor.

Gone are the boring bathroom interiors of the past once you hang up the "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain in your commode. Thanks to the red and black color scheme used in the shower curtain you can remake the entire room in bold colors that rarely make their way out of the living room.

If skulls aren't exactly your thing INKEDSHOP.COM has plenty of other shower curtains that will make your bathroom fit for a badass. If you love tattoo history, and considering what website you're on we're going to assume that you do, you'll go crazy for the "Tattooed Old Timers" Shower Curtain by Sourpuss Clothing. The Geisha Moon Tattoo Shower Curtain by Sin In Linen will give your bathroom a look inspired by traditional Japanese tattoos. And remember how we were speaking ill of nautically themed bathrooms about two paragraphs ago? Well, that's because we had never seen the Octopus Shower Curtain by Sourpuss Clothing. This eight legged wonder makes the seven seas interesting again.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to INKEDSHOP.COM and pick up the "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain and a whole lot more today!

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Skulls and Roses" Shower Curtain