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It’s Bath Time for BabyDoll! A Peak at Her Personal Pics + Video!


Wet and Wild Tattoo Fun!

Samantha Adams better known as BabyDoll by her friends and @savagebabydoll to all her instagram followers has the ink to back up her nickname. “I have Baby Doll tattooed across my knuckles and I also have stitching up my legs and arms as well as a windup crank on my back…much like a living doll.” And that she most certainly is!

This redheaded beauty from Cali is absolutely stunning in every which way. A true triple threat with face, body and ink! Samantha gave us a few minutes out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions and give us access to some of her special personal images!

So without further ado lets get to know Samantha a bit more intimately!


Photo via instagram

Would you date a guy or girl who was not tatted?

Photo via instagram

Absolutely! Tattoos aren't for everyone and you can be just as inspirational and beautiful with or without them.