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This Girl with a Pokémon Tattoo Will Help You Catch Em All

A 24-year-old NYU graduate and Pokémon professional is offering up her catch-em-all skills to those interested in dominating Pokémon Go. Brooklyn-based Ivy St. Ive posted an ad on Craig's List where she claims to be a professional Pokémon Go trainer, offering her skills for the just price of $20/hr. "I have been playing Pokémon (both cards and gameboy/DS) since 1997 and Pokémon GO since its opening day," she wrote.

Her services include her walking around in one to four hour shifts while signed into the client's account, "capturing every single Pokémon I come into contact with, activating every Pokestop I pass and walking nonstop to help hatch your eggs." This girl is not messing around. Strategy tips and gym-battle training are also included in the hourly rate. She also promises to send screen shots while on the hunt "so you don't feel too much FOMO while you're doing something that prevents you from accessing PokeWorld." Currently, St. Ive is a level 15 trainer in her personal Pokémon Go account.

pokemon go gif

St. Ive is very dedicated to Pokémon, so much so that she got a Pokémon tattoo. This isn't just any old Pokémon tattoo by any old artist. The gamer paid a visit to Boston tattooer, Alicia Thomas, to get Golbat inked on her upper right arm. For those that are unaware, Thomas has spent the last year working to tattoo all original 151 Pokémon on 151 different people.

Anyway, St. Ive's entrepreneurial attitude is working—she's already been contacted by quite a few interested individuals who can't bear the idea of having to sit in a classroom or office wasting precious time when they could be securing the Pokémon of NYC. She's a tough provider too: "Every exchange will begin with an in-person consultation at your nearest poke stop. No creepy stuff. I know how to defend myself and will not take any bullshit from you," she wrote on the ad. She also requests interested client's provide their name, age, occupation, location, and "a link to something that can prove you are a real human being." So if you're looking to scam or creep, think again.

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