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J.K. Rowling Designed a Harry Potter Tattoo to Help This Girl Heal

J.K. Rowling may be a world-famous author, but that didn’t stop the Harry Potter creator from taking the time to reach out and help a fan in need. Just last week, a Twitter user by the name of Kate made a unique request of Rowling over social media, asking her to write out the well-known Harry Potter phrase “expecto patronum” so she could use it to create a unique and meaningful tattoo. In Latin, “expecto patronum” literally translates to “I await a guardian,” but for devoted Harry Potter fan Kate, the phrase has a much more magical meaning.

In her Twitter post to J.K. Rowling, Kate explained that she has faced more than her fair share of physical and emotional challenges in life, including being a victim of sexual assault and bullying, and attempting suicide eight times. “I’m not proud of these things, but it’s who I am. I’m also trying my hardest to stop self-harming,” she wrote. “It hurts my body, but it hurts my soul more.” Kate explained that she wants to get the phrase “expecto patronum” tattooed on her body, because in the Harry Potter series, the spell is used to create a white shield of positive energy around the person who uses it.

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According to Kate, her “expecto patronum” tattoo would likely be inked on the wrist where she cuts the most, and would hopefully act as a positive reminder to stay on track and begin to heal her wounds. The tattoo would mean even more to Kate written in J.K. Rowling’s own handwriting, and the author obviously recognized that fact as well. Rowling, an avid social media user and someone who often interacts with fans online, responded to Kate’s request with the handwritten phrase “expecto patronum,” and a kind note: “I love that you’re working to heal and protect yourself. You deserve this. I hope it helps.”

In her entreaty to J.K. Rowling, Kate wrote, “Another reason why I’m telling you this is bc, through all the downs in my life, u helped me get through every single thing one way or another!” We’ve heard, and even written about tattoo artists who have offered free or discounted tattoos to turn self-harm or abuse scars into something beautiful and meaningful, but it’s not often a celebrity like J.K. Rowling takes the time to help fulfill a fan’s tattoo dreams. We’re hoping Kate’s “expectro patronum” Harry Potter tattoo helps her on the path to recovery, and we also hope she shares the fresh ink once it’s finished!

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