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Jennifer Lawrence on Her New Tattoo: 'I Should Have Googled It'

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Before Jennifer Lawrence got a tattoo proclaiming her love of water she should have taken a second to remember what she learned in chemistry class. The Hunger Games star recently had "H2O" tattooed on to her hand. The problem is that instead of having the "2" lower than the "H" and "O" the way that it should be when the chemical formula is written Lawrence's tattoo has the "2" higher than the letters, like an exponent.

Lawrence told reporters at San Diego Comic Con the story behind the tattoo, error and all. It turns out she was hanging out with Liam Hemsworth and his family when they made a trip to the tattoo shop, a family outing that we support wholeheartedly. Lawrence didn't want to be left out so she joined in the fun. We would have recommended getting a bow and arrow to commemorate her time as Katniss or possibly a realistic portrait of Christian Bale's character (comb-over and all) from American Hustle since she won the Academy Award for her performance. Since she didn't seek our advice she ended up getting the H2O tattoo, an act she told reporters was her "watered down rebellion."

Even with all of the blogosphere and Twitter giving her the business for the error Lawrence has managed to keep her sense of humor during the tattoo mishap.

"By the way, I know that the two is high and in H2O the two is supposed to be low," Lawrence told Today. "I should’ve Googled it before I got it tattooed on my body forever.”

Even if the tattoo is scientifically incorrect it has a fun backstory behind it and it will always be good for a laugh or two. If Lawrence is looking to cover it up with something she can be more proud of we recommend she check out this list of cover up tattoos for some inspiration.

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