Jill Hardener Gives Us A Sneak Peak of Her Massive...


The Berlin Bombshell in Full Frontal Ink!

…Back Piece! For most guys who know what the model Jill Hardener looks like, they will surely agree that her last name is very apropos. This Berlin beauty has been killing it all over the gram and Facebook lately… and rightly so.
It doesn’t matter whether blondes are your babe of choice or you like your female flesh with or without tattoos, because there is something for everyone with this bombshell.
Her bio states, "I am tattooed and do a lot of fitness ... ergo ... I have a well-trained body and can be used in the following shooting range: fetish, fitness, fashion, tattoo.” We are fine with whatever photos you appear in, just as long as we get to see them!
There is an even sexier side to Jill and that is her alternate persona as a full-fledged Mistress. We can’t speak for all the guys out there, but everyone here at the office was 100% in agreement, that whatever painful pleasures the lovely Miss(tress) hardener dishes out it will surely be worth it.
And speaking of pain, as we mentioned earlier Jill Hardener is a living, breathing work of art, not only with her God given attributes, but also through the ink that now covers a large percentage of her body!


Photo via instagram