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John Borowski's Inside Look at the Art of Vincent Castiglia


Vincent Castiglia is a remarkable artist. Having worked in a variety of media throughout his artistic career, including tattooing, Castiglia is best known for his paintings done exclusively in blood. For ten years Castiglia has been an innovative force to be reckoned with on the art scene, pushing the media boundaries with his surrealist and unconventional sanguineous paintings. Several months ago we caught up with Castiglia after he debuted his first painting ever created for a collector in their own blood, Margaret Cho’s blood to be exact. His now lauded and publicized work eventually caught the eye of the independent filmmaker John Borowski, who subsequently commissioned his own blood painting.

Known for his work documenting the lives of serial killers, Borowski wanted to give an in-depth look at Castiglia’s more morbid art form, thus production for Bloodlines: The Art and Life of Vincent Castiglia began. This upcoming independent documentary film will give viewers a peek into the personal life, inspiration, work ethic, and artistic endeavors that have helped bring Castilgia to be the artist he is today. For the first time ever, the outside world will get an inside look at exactly how Castiglia goes about creating his iconic blood paintings from start to finish. The film will also delve into the work that went into Castiglia’s solo art exhibition at H.R. Giger’s Giger Museum Gallery in Switzerland, which made Castiglia the first American artist to exhibit there. With interviews from the select few collectors who have had the honor to receive commissioned blood paintings from Castiglia to be done in their own blood and a score by the talented DC McAuliffe, the monumental undertaking is going to be a film the modern art world needs to see.

Since the project is entirely independent, Borowski and Castiglia need a little help to fund the project to turn it into the epic they are planning out. If you wish to contribute to helping fund the rest of the project, check out their Kickstarter to donate. The film has already been set in motion, but needs an extra push to get it to its 2016 completion. The project has until Wednesday, March 25th to raise the $25,000 needed to complete the film, so take a look to see what amazing gifts from the collections of Borowski and Castiglia you could receive as a backer and help support an incredible project in the alternative and independent art world.

For more of Castiglia's work, check out the gallery below.