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Johnny Depp Makes Shocking Change to Tattoos Inspired by Amber Heard

If we've told you once we've told you a million times—getting a significant other's name tattooed is a very tricky proposition. We don't want to go as far as to call it a curse, but it certainly seems that more often than not name tattoos end up with some very painful laser surgery or a very expensive cover up tattoo. Over the weekend Johnny Depp showed that while he has remained mum with the press about his ongoing divorce from Amber Heard he was going to let his tattoos do the talking; in a public appearance a pair of tattoos dedicated to Heard had clearly been altered by a tattoo artist, according to US Weekly

A comparison of Depp's hand then and now. Credit: Matt Crossick/PA/Photos/ABACAPress; Patriot Pics/FameFlynet Pictures

A comparison of Depp's hand then and now.Credit: Matt Crossick/PA/Photos/ABACAPress; Patriot Pics/FameFlynet Pictures

The knuckles on Depp's right hand used to read "Slim," a nickname for his soon to be ex-wife Heard. But when he appeared in Bethlehem, Penn., with his band Hollywood Vampires his hand no longer said "Slim," but instead it said "Scum." While there aren't a lot of options for changing up a knuckle tattoo like Depp's, his word choice makes it abundantly clear that this marriage isn't going to be reconciled anytime soon. Depp also had a large pin-up style portrait tattoo of Heard on his upper right arm that reports are saying has been completely blacked out, according to the Huffington Post. 

Now, if anyone should have already learned the hard lesson about getting a lover's name tattoo it's Depp. The actor famously had a banner reading "Winona Forever" inked onto his arm while he was dating Winona Ryder. The relationship went south and Depp was left with a tattoo in desperate need of alteration. With a little magic thanks to a laser and a tattoo artist the piece was changed to read "Wino Forever." While Depp had a sense of humor that time around it appears that he is far more bitter now. Changing the knuckle tattoo to read "Scum" says volumes about Depp's attitude during the messy divorce.

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