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Johnny Manziel Catching Lots of Flack for New Hand Tattoos

Johnny Manziel may not be any closer to signing a contract with a new NFL team, but the former Cleveland Browns quarterback apparently has plenty of time (and money) to spend on getting some new ink, namely two questionable new pieces on his hands. Nicknamed Johnny Football during his time playing for Texas A&M, the 23-year-old has gone from prodigy to pariah in recent years, and these two new tattoos of his aren’t helping.

Johnny Manziel’s first new tattoo was inked on his throwing hand earlier this month, and features the iconic Rolex crown and his birthdate (12-6-92) represented by the Roman numerals “XII VI XCII” in the space between his right-hand thumb and index finger. Manziel was criticized for this “self-important” hand tattoo, which joins several other questionable pieces of ink scattered across his body, including a “Proverbs” tattoo on his chest, tattoos on his bicep and ribcage, and an “OVO” and owl tattoo inspired by Drake’s October’s Very Own record label.

johnny manziel tattoo1

Manziel posted a photo of his new hand tattoo on his Instagram account on April 3, and then deleted it just ten hours later, apparently after being criticized for his design choice, and for his life choices in general. According to CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora, NFL teams won’t be interested in Manziel until he makes “some major life changes and makes real strides towards sobriety.” Even Manziel’s father said in February that the quarterback won’t live to see 24 if he doesn’t get some help.

johnny manziel tattoo3

Which brings us to Johnny Manziel’s latest tattoo. Late last week, Page Six posted a photo of Manziel on Twitter referencing claims that the football player trashed a rental property during a “booze- and drug-filled rager,” and in the photo, you can see another new piece inked on the outside of Manziel’s left hand. The hand tattoo features the Roman numerals “CDXX” next to what appears to be a marijuana leaf. Wondering what “CDXX” stands for? 420, of course.

So, the moral of the story is this: tattoos are forever, and if you’re an NFL free agent planning to get a bunch of highly-visible tattoos on your hands highlighting your favorite people and past times, maybe make sure they aren’t one, yourself, and two, smoking weed. Johnny Football has definitely dug himself into a hole lately, what with his partying, drug use and typical rich-kid antics, and we get to see it all play out in the form of regrettable tattoos!

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