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Joined in Matrimony (and Ink)

Here at we love to hear about couples that have bonded over their love of tattoos so we were delighted when a reader shared the following story with us. Sgt. Daniel Jenkins and his wife Jennifer, both members of the Canadian Forces, share a passion for tattoos that has been a major part of their relationship since meeting.

“Jennifer and I spent the first ten months of our relationship together in Afghanistan,” Jenkins said. “We took our leave from duty in the Philippines where we were tattooed side by side on White Beach with the same old school piece. We then had to part ways and I headed back to the war and Jennifer headed to Germany to visit a studio called Buena Vista Tattoo Club where she received an insane custom piece.”

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As a member of the SkyHawks, the Canadian Forces Parachute Team, the idea of jumping out of an airplane doesn’t rattle Daniel Jenkins but we’re guessing that he probably had some pretty big butterflies in his stomach before one jump in particular.

“I proposed to Jennifer on the opening jump for the Calgary Stampede in July in front of thousands of cowboys and girls,” Jenkins said. “We were married on a rainy day in the Caribbean with a small group of family, friends and fellow soldiers. As the ceremony finished up so did the rain and we had a great night of celebration on the Yucatan Peninsula.”

We wish the couple well and hope they have many years of happiness — and at least a few more matching tattoos — together.

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