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Jon Mesa's Guide to Valentine's Day


This year I have the good fortune to be celebrating Valentine’s Day with my beautiful girlfriend and exploring one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris, France. Valentine’s Day is usually a puzzling and nerve-racking day for most men. The majority of the holiday involves us making the attempt to create a perfect evening for the lady we are trying to woo. Luckily for me, my lady thinks this holiday is silly and expectations weren’t set very high. So I brought her to Paris to completely be an overachiever.

My name is Jon Mesa. I’m a tattoo artist based out of New York City, though I travel all over the world, year round. I’ve been seen on season one of the TV show Best Inkand shirtless on the cover of Freshly Inked magazine. INKED asked me for five things to do on Valentine’s Day and I was excited to help out.