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Jonny Gomes Delivers an Epic Mic Drop

While Jonny Gomes rarely saw the field as a Kansas City Royal—he only played in 12 games and was left off of the postseason roster—he was clearly the MVP of their victory celebration. The tattooed and bearded wildman took the stage with an American flag in hand and proceeded to give a speech straight out of the WWE. Gomes rattled off the many likely award winners that the Royals went through on their way to the franchise's second title.

"Cy Young winner: not on our team. Beat him," Gomes yelled to a delighted crowd clad entirely in blue. "Rookie of the Year: not on our team. We beat him. MVP of the whole league? Sorry guys, not on our team. But we beat that guy too!"

Of course, what's a victory speech without at least a few politically incorrect moments of braggadocio? And once all of the bodies have been tallied and Gomes has made his peace there is only one way to wrap things up—a mic drop. Now, Gomes didn't drop the mic per se. Instead he showed off his throwing arm and launched the microphone into the stratosphere.

We've discussed Gomes and his creative celebrations in the past. After being one of the bearded ruffians to lead the Boston Red Sox to the 2013 title Gomes celebrated with an enormous tattoo across his ribs. The massive caricature of himself celebrating in a duck boat with the trophy is going to be really hard for Gomes to top, his tattoo artist is going to have to get really creative before he gets to work on a Royals related tattoo.

Check out the video and have yourself a good chuckle before. Hopefully it will help ease your transition into a long, long winter without baseball.

Jonny Gomes. America. #RoyalCelebration#Crowned

— FOX Sports KC (@FSKansasCity) November 3, 2015

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